Social integration - inburgering
Social integration - inburgering

Social integration | Inburgering

ROC A12 offers social integration courses (inburgering) at all levels scheduled during the day and in the evening.

  • Well-equiped computer classrooms
  • Professional
  • Experienced teachers
  • More than 10 years of experience with social integration
  • ROC A12 is a school for vocational education. You can enter a study if you completed level A2
  • Classes scheduled during the day and in the evening

Intake and entry exam

You start with an intake and entry exam. Then you receive a course plan.


Within the class you will work at your own pace and language level. Reading and writing begins individually at your own pace. You will practice speaking in class under the teacher’s guidance. 
During the classes we use a language teaching programme in combination with a computer program. You will alternate between working on the computer and practicing in small groups. A sufficient number of computers are available in the classroom. You will receive guidance from experienced teachers and classroom assistants.

The social integration course consists of:

  • Reading and writing
    You will learn to read and write Dutch individually and at your own pace.
  • Speaking and listening
    You will practice your listening and speaking skills in the class with guidance from the teacher.
  • Knowledge of Dutch society and labour market orientation
    To increase your chances of passing, we recommend that you also use this programme online at home.
  • Knowledge of Dutch Society (KNM) and Labour market Orientation ( ONA) is also included in the programme. These components are taught in small groups during class. In order to ensure you are prepared, you can study the book ‘Kijk op Nederland” yourself.

Social integration examination A2 level ( inburgerexamen)

The social integration examination consists of five tests which assess your knowledge of Dutch language, Dutch society and the labour market. The language test focuses on reading, writing, speaking and listening. Upon successful completion of all these tests, you will receive the social integration certificate.

State Examination

If you want to enter a study , you better opt for the state examination instead of the social integration examination. If you pass this exam, you will not need to do your social integration exam. With a state examination certificate you can apply for the Dutch nationality and possess the right foundation for full participation in Dutch society, for instance through work or study.

State Examination I or State Examination II? State Examination I assesses whether your Dutch proficiency is sufficient for a job at MBO level or to take a vocational training programme at this level. State Examination II assesses whether your Dutch proficiency is sufficient for a job at HBO or academic level. The state examination always consists of four components: reading, listening, writing and speaking. Upon successful completion of all four exam components you will receive the NT2 diploma.

You can pay in instalments or take out a low-interest loan through DUO (visit:
After the intake and entry exam for these courses, the number of classes per week and the programme duration will be decided in consultation with you.


The duration of the Social Integration day course is a minimum of 30 weeks and a maximum of 80 weeks.
A programme consisting of three classes per week takes a maximum of two years. 
The duration depends on your prior training, proficiency and commitment. 
Have you already reached level A1? Then the course duration will be a minimum of 18 weeks and a maximum of 35 weeks.


The average social integration (inburger) programme covers 360 hours and costs €5000 including the intake, course materials and final exam.

Costs per block of 10 study weeks: 
- 3 hours per week €385
- 9 hours per week €1125

This does not include textbooks (average costs: €45 per block of 10 study weeks)


Reading and writing (AlfaA to A0)

This course is intended for those who are not literate in the Latin script. The emphasis is on learning to read and write.
You will work in a class at your own pace and language level. The ending level will be A0. 
On average you will need 1.5 years for this.
If you are illiterate in your own language as well, you will need an average of 5 years to reach this level.


Monday and Wednesday evening from 18.45 to 20.15 for beginners and 20.30 to 22.00 for advanced

Class locations
Ede, Verlengde Parkweg 47
Barneveld, Zonnebloemstraat 25
Wageningen, Stationsstraat 1

Course Dutch for higher educated

This course is intended for those who wish to learn Dutch and who have received training at the HBO or academic level. All language skills are covered: reading, listening, writing and speaking.
We work in classes comprised of students at different proficiency levels. The ending level can be the state examination of Dutch as a Second Language (NT2 I or NT2 II).

0318-66 42 00

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